Beeswax is where it’s at!

PROBLEM:  When hand stitching binding,  some of my thread has a tendency to twist, knot, and have annoying abrasion, catching on the fabric.

To solve this problem in the past, I have tried using some of the synthetic thread conditioners on the market.  While they did the trick, I always wondered if they were good for me, or the thread.  Not all of them are still available.

My mom worked in a tailors shop before she was married.  She told me that she misses the pure beeswax that they used when tailoring men’s suits.  She said it was softer and more maleable than some that I had on hand.  I don’t think that the yellow wafer conditioner that I found in the notions aisle at the store was 100% pure beeswax, nor the piece I found at the state fair. They must have been mixed with some paraffin because they became very flaky, and caused a real mess.

If you are interested in reading more on the subject, I found a great article on the subject; .

According to their research, use “Beeswax for strength and protection against abrasion. But not for decorative work!”.

I felt very lucky this fall when I reached out to a local bee farm.  They have asked me not to share a link here, as they don’t sell beeswax in it’s pure form on their site.  However,  they were so friendly and were able to help me out for my retreat.  Some lucky ladies will get some pure beeswax to use on their threads.  I’m hoping it will be the “bee’s knees” for stitching our binding and not just a wee folk tale!  You might reach out to your local bee farm and see if they can help.  A little bit will last a very long time.

“Mischief Managed”
I hope you enjoy this trick! I should be able to pull more tricks from my hat between now and November 3rd.
Be sure to comment on my blog about which ones you like best and share some of your own quilting and sewing magic tricks.  I will draw one name from the comments randomly November 9, 2019 and follow-up with the lucky winner to send one of these special tricks!
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5 thoughts on “Beeswax is where it’s at!

  1. Angie Stuart says:

    Buzz Buzz…I have never tried putting anything on my thread while doing hand work. Has any one ever used while doing hand applique work? Happy Quilting !!!


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