Not a Cleanroom…

My latest endeavor is to manage my scraps.

Penny candy for your quilts anyone?

I think that my work has carried over to my sewing space.  I just wish I had ESD floors and less fiber dust!  Let’s call it the…

Sewing Lab

2 thoughts on “Not a Cleanroom…

  1. I adore this room. You and I have very much the same style – but then by trade you’re an engineer and I’m a geek so we think a bit differently than the singularly artsy types. I really like what you did with the angled wall. I have a bay window that juts out into my space too so I’ll do the same with my cutting table in front of the window and cabinets angled out from the sides. Love the symmetry in your room too. A true inspiration for me! Thanks for the comment on my blog so I could come have a look. 🙂

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  2. Teresa Kee says:

    Wow! Wanna come clean my sewing room? Mine is a bit cluttered but I know where everything is…. well, almost everything. Now where did I put my scissors??


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