Can I Quilt For You?

Occasionally I am asked if I quilt for others. The answer is, yes.

I am willing to provide quilting with edge to edge designs, and currently use a Handi Quilter Pro Stitch Avante to complete this work. I have been longarm quilting since 2014, trained with an established local quilter, and have trained with Handi Quilter educators in Utah.
I am not willing to do custom work for others at this time, mostly due to time constraints. 

I use edge to edge designs by a variety of different designers. I have many designs available and am willing to purchase or design something specific by request.  Let me know what your thoughts are for the quilt and I might be able to recommend something.  Please feel free to contact me through the form below.  I do not post my email address here directly for spam reasons.

Basic Pricing:  (Assuming you provide the top, batting, backing, and thread)
(Minimum fee is $100)
I understand, that due to my minimum fee that I am not the “low cost leader”.  It takes time to load, layout designs, prepare the thread, and work carefully on the quilt.  With any project, I want the results to be beautiful! Quilting is my hobby, so quantity of work is not my goal.

  • Design Fee
    – In stock – $5
    – Special Request (At cost for design specially selected for your quilt and not in my inventory.)
  • Pantograph  / Edge to Edge Quilting
    – $0.025 / square in. for low density designs
    – $0.03 / square in. for higher density designs

I am willing to provide batting, backing, and thread for a fee.  However, I am not a wholesaler, so these items would be at cost.  We can discuss this if you contact me.
I can accommodate up to a king size quilt.

Batting:    I commonly use Warm Company, Quilters Dream, and Hobbs batting.
Threads:  My favorite threads are Aurifil 50 Wt. Cotton and Glide. (Note:  if quilting a batik, I find the Glide threads to be most performant.)
Backing: 6″ larger on all sides to accommodate loading and clamps. It is also imperative for doing border work in case I need to turn the quilt.

I quilt in a smoke free, very organized environment located in Overland Park, Kansas.
I am not a pet free home.  We do have one cat.

Turnaround time varies.  It depends on what is currently loaded on my machine and what my current work/ family load is.