Tweetheart – First of a Vintage Farmgirl

My birthday came this month, and I am happy that I was able to complete all of the focus blocks of the Curve It Up Sampler.   I am still working on the sashing and will post a completion some time this year (after quilting it).

I always have something planned to fill the void.  My mother once again gifted me with a project for my birthday.  She gave me the pattern “Farm Girl Vintage” by Lori Holt.  I know that she bought this because she liked it… I will be surprised if she can hold off long enough for me to make it first! I planned to wait just to torture her, but frankly found it irresistible and started right away.

This pattern is the perfect fit for some of the older, small print, stash (gifted to me by my grandmother).  This will make the finished quilt even more special!  I don’t have the experience of growing up on a farm, but know that I would have fit in just fine… right up to  the point of mucking out a stall.  I had better stick to gardening!

The first block I selected from the collection was the Baby Chick, complete with a half and half heart.  A Tweetheart for February!

I marked the legs for embroidery using a Frixion pen.  Mark, Stitch, Press.  The marks disappear with heat.   Notice how the colored piecing goes to the edge of the block?  These blocks will definitely look best with sashing.  Otherwise, the designs would meld together in places.

After a heart for February, March will come in like a Lion. Stay tuned.  I will try to post some tips and tricks for creating a scrappy farm girl sampler out of my “vintage” fabrics.

Happy Quilting! 

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