Curve it Up – Block 12 – Spinning Spools

My final block for the Curve it Up sampler quilt is completed.  I’m writing this from an altitude of over 14,000 feet after having about a day to recover from the pain…


I created this block using the suggested “scrappy” method where the middle of each spool is strip pieced from small scraps at least 5″ wide.   The result was that I misjudged the amount that a long pieced curve stretches while gingerly fed under the pressed foot.  I literally scrapped three spools before I settled on a method that let me trim them to the correct size.

This block requires that you trim to 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ by lining up the rectangle on points of both curves.   If your sides stretch, at least one of those points does not fit.

Tip1:   Starch everything.

The starch will help limit movement of the fabrics and seams cut on th bias.  I was not successful until I did this.

Tip 2:  Fewer seams = less chances for stretching as the seam bulk goes under the pressed foot.   ( I tried making the spool using a solid middle, and was successful the first time.)

In the future,  if I am in a scrappy spool mood, I have another idea.  I plan to stabilize the center of the spool using a very lightweight fusible stabilizer.   I think this would eliminate my issues with the bias and stretchy seams.

I’m really looking forward to piecing my borders and sashing next.  I hope your spinning spools go smoother than mine did.   Never give up, even if they make your head spin!   They do turn out pretty.


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