Choosing a Wand

PROBLEM:   When making half square and quarter square triangles from layered squares, it is critical to mark two lines 1/4 seam allowance away from center and sew accurately.   How can we mark the lines?

Ruler, of course, work fine for this.  However,  remember that “The wand chooses the wizard”.    I really like The Quilter’s Magic Wand, one of the Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design rulers. It’s just my style, and again, comes in many colors!  It is an accurate 1/2″ ruler with an etched line in the center, perfect to line up with the corners of your fabrics.  Check it out at the Studio 180 Design website to learn more.

“Mischief Managed”
I hope you enjoy this trick! I should be able to pull more tricks from my hat between now and November 3rd.
Be sure to comment on my blog about which ones you like best and share some of your own quilting and sewing magic tricks.  I will draw one name from the comments randomly November 9, 2019 and follow-up with the lucky winner to send one of these special tricks!
Please, share with your friends.



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