Mat Trick – For Your Sewing Machine Pedal

Whether you are a player of cards, hockey, or even cricket you might be familiar with the Hat Trick!  This Mat trick might not refer to an accomplishment of three, but you can easily apply this trick to all of your sewing machine pedals for a great win.  (I know I needed three!)

PROBLEM:   When you sew, does your pedal gradually creep forward?  Mine do.

I found these white 5″ x 4″ silicone mats on Amazon through a company called Silicone Alley, 5 for less than $6. If you like colors, check out the Silicone Alley shop.  They are much like the silicone mats that are popular for baking and for wax molding arts.  However, in this case,  they work perfectly to create better traction between your sewing pedal and the floor.  These mats are VERY low profile, easy care, and easy to pack for travelling.  If they get dirty, wash them with soap and water then dry.  They perform as good as new.

“Mischief Managed”
I hope you enjoy this trick! I should be able to pull more tricks from my hat between now and November 3rd.
Be sure to comment on my blog about which ones you like best and share some of your own quilting and sewing magic tricks.  I will draw one name from the comments randomly November 9, 2019 and follow-up with the lucky winner to send one of these special tricks!
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