Deck The Halls

If my children had their way, the tree would have been up before Thanksgiving.  However, not only is it tradition to wait until we have digested some of the Thanksgiving turkey to haul the tree out, (yes, we go the artificial route), I was making them wait for MY extra special holiday treat.

I had my house professionally cleaned!

Now, before you judge me, I had the perfect excuse; a broken ankle.
My husband took my children out into the Black Friday madness (and the playground).

I cannot begin to describe the feeling that I had when I came up from my sewing room after the crew was completed.

Whoa Nelly. Be still my heart.  It sparkled.  It shined.  There wasn’t a chore to be done (all right, except laundry).  It was the best thing I have ever done, hands down.  I am certain my house hasn’t been this clean in years! (I also found it funny to watch my husband walk around and inspect our house in awe… There is hope for my family yet!)

My house is clean, AND I was sewing while it happened! Since they did a much better job  than me (er…us?), maybe WE can keep them…  Like this post if you vote yes!

All of the clean was too much for my hooligans to handle, so that evening, they were determined to put up the tree.  They wanted to put up our garland on the banister too, but I have nixed that this year so that I have a good hand hold. (I was instantly dubbed the grinch…)

We let them put up the tree.  I mostly watched this year.  My daughter, the aspiring decorator took charge.  Remember the tree skirt?   She couldn’t wait to put it on, and it ended up being the perfect size for our tree.  The results make me so happy! Well done girl.

I think that tree is already short a couple of peppermint sticks.


Next weekend a group of ladies from my Fabric Stashers group on Facebook will be getting together to make stockings for a local group in need.  It is certain to be a great time.  Sewing, Treats, Christmas Music, and Friends!


6 thoughts on “Deck The Halls

  1. That tree skirt is gorgeous. Very nice! And no judgement from me. I have a lady who comes once a week. She does the sheets, bathrooms, floors, dusting, and basically shines everything. She’s been with me for 5-6 years now and I love her. With 2 shedding dogs, a hubs that leaves a trail, and working full time outside the home, even with no kids, I simply can’t keep it up the way I like it myself. She’s $300 a month and worth every penny.
    I saw your reply on my blog so I’m going to check out your room design. IKEA is putting a new store in San Antonio but that’s not until 2019. The closest one to me is north of Austin – about 1.5 hour drive. Sam’s has very open chrome shelves that are reasonably prices and I have a set down at our coast house. I was thinking maybe doing those with only 2 shelves so they just come up to the bottom of the window ledges and then use clear drawers to house the fabric on those shelves.

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