Simply Stuffed

Well,  I have still not recovered (from my shock of a clean home)!  Thank you for those who  sent me guidance and encouragement regarding my ankle injury.  It was very welcome, and was inspiring.  Four weeks into my ankle confinement, I realize that my family took on my injury as an invitation to get even more done that usual.  No, I haven’t quilted much, but we have done so much more!

  • We have a clean house with a plan to keep it that way while I work full time and quilt!
  • My daughter won second place with her team in mathletics and finished her science experiment for her school science project.
  • Our son figured out how to practice for spelling tests, and may have a “A” coming our way.   I think we are turning a corner, but he may be sick.  He asked me to buy him a black suit.  He is 8.   Should I be worried?  (We did buy him that suit.  He picked it himself, and looks awesome!  He will be a heartbreaker, auburn hair and all.)
  • My husband decided it was time to finish all of those random house fixes that we haven’t had time for, and I mean all! He has really worked hard.  During our holiday, I hope he will be able to enjoy himself!  It will be well earned.   I’ll have to stuff his stocking with something extra nice.
  • My Christmas preparations are finished, thanks to online shopping, USPS, UPS, Fedex, my Mom and Dad, and that nifty knee scooter that helped me go the distance! My kids wanted to decorate it with candy cane stripes.  Maybe I should have let them.

So what am I doing with my “free” time?  Well, a couple of weekends ago, I had a stocking sew & stuff party planned.  My Aunt Penny sent stocking goodies, and my mom, daughter, and son helped quilt, sew, and stuff 11 stockings.  We had a few more people planned, but life happened, and they couldn’t join us.   The stockings are for some teens in our area that could use a little cheer, and I think they will enjoy them!

So, how do you make 11 stocking in a short period of time?  Here is my method, and I think I might have to use it on some even more delicious fabric next year.  New project?  Do you think my kids will let me change ours out?

 (I had grand plans of having a full tutorial here, but will edit this post later to show some photos.  I might have my hands full for the short term…   We are adopting today, and I have decided that I am very excited! No… not a human, but it should be fun!
Can you guess?  
Comment with your guesses and I will share some fun Christmas Stories this week!)

How to make simple quilted Christmas stockings:

  1. Draw a stocking shape in the size that you want on wrapping paper.  Psst…. That awesome thick paper with grids on the back works great for pattern making!  If you are a costco member, you can buy it in the giant rolls at Christmas time.
    Remember, the final will be 1/2″ smaller due to seam allowances.  I will usuall draw my shape, then add a 1/4″ all around.
  2. Pick an outer fabric & a lining fabric.
  3. Pick a cuff fabric.
  4. Cut your cuffs to be twice as wide and twice as tall as you want your actual cuff to be.
    – Measure width of stocking opening.  (Say it is 7″, and you want it 5″ tall.)
  5. Pick a batting that will not shrink a lot if washed. (A poly blend might be good.)
  6. Make the quilt  sandwich and quilt the fabric.  I used a longarm, but this could be easily done on adomestic machine as well.  A walking foot helps with shifting.  If you use a domestic, baste your layers together with basting spray.  I love using 505. I don’t have issues with gumming my needles.
  7. Trace your stocking shape onto the quilted fabric.
    **Remember, to get front and back, you will need to trace 2, one facing one direction, and one facing the other.img_9669
    From a yard of directional print 42″ fabric, I was generally able to get at least four stockings.
  8. Cut out your stocking shapes.
    Pinking shears can help any tight corners you have.
  9. Place your stocking shapes, right side together.
  10. Stitch 1/4″ around, all but the opening.
    *Serge edges if you are worried about fraying.
  11. Create your cuff by pressing short side to short side, right sides together.
  12.  Stitch the short side.
  13. Now, turn your cuff so that the right side shows on both sides.
  14. Place the cuff over the wrong side out stocking.  If you want a hang loop, insert  & pin it between the cuff and the stocking with th loop facing down (or toward the foot), Sew the cuff with unfinished edges matching around the top of the stocking.
  15. No turn everything and fold your cuff over.
  16. You are finished!

Happy Christmas Eve
Stuff Your Stockings with Joy



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