Jack Pumpkinhead

Well folks, just in time for Halloween tricks or treats, my husband and I (let’s call him Jack Pumpkinhead) took our kids out to Powell Pumpkin Patch to hunt a couple of “perfect” Jack O Lantern pumpkins for carving.   Now why, do you say, are you calling your husband Jack Pumkinhead?

Jack Pumpkinhead was a fictional character from the second OZ book called “The Marvelous Land of Oz”, by L. Frank Baum.   He was incredible tall and skinny and was not known for his intelligence…  Sometimes even a genious can resemble a fictional character.

So, here’s the laugh.  Today, when I said that I was going to pick up some pie pumpkins to make some “from scratch” pumpkin pies, Jack Pumpkinhead piped up and said… I’ll just go get one at the grocery store…    Sigh.  What man says this when his wife just said she would bake some homemade pies?

So, even if he momentarily resembled a character lacking a brain, I’m sure that I might have resembled one of the other characters, Mombi… the wicked witch of the North.  I’m sorry I was so peeved.  I guess making that pie (after all) is an apology of sorts.  I’d put a picture here, but before I could snap one, one of my kids (who understand the value of a homemade pie) snuck in and tasted part of the center! So…no picture.

I did snap a picture of my Farm Girl Vintage patchwork pumpkin.  Believe it or not, orange was the only color I am completely lacking from grandma’s stash.  It still turned out cute using more modern fabrics.  She has a version with a jack-lantern face on her website, but I found something else in my stash that worked perfect!  Jack-O-Lantern buttons! Appliqué would work great too!

Meet Jack! He’ll make a perfect October edition to my quilt.

Trick or Treat? 





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