Contrary Wife

Contrary Wife… No, not me…  (Though, if the definition of contrary is “perversely inclined to disagree or do the opposite of what is expected or desired.”, then Yes, I might be that woman occasionally!)

Contrary Wife IS the next block in the Two Sisters sampler quilt.  There isn’t much to it.  Half square triangles paired with squares in a 9 block.   If you look closely, you will find that I alternated tones between the two.  Take a look at them in mono.   Which colors are your eyes more drawn to in each block?  I’m curious?

IMG_9539 (2).jpg

Here is a fun exercise.  Look at the picture in color, then close your eyes and give me a comment on what color you remember most from each block.  How does it compare to the way you view the mono image above?

You might wonder how I decided on my color scheme this time…  I wonder too.  I really just selected some colors that I thought looked nice together, that my daughter would like, and that weren’t too “matched” to my other blocks.

However, our minds are powerful.  If I compare my selection to known color combinations,  then I actually didn’t really stray from partial triads or complementary colors.  What do you think?  The only thing “contrary” about these blocks is that I swapped the intensity in the pattern between the two.  It shows up more in the mono image.

Colors:  (Color Wheel, Intensity, Proportion)
Pink / Gray  : When I look at the block, I “remember” the pink
image011Pink can also be thought of as magenta, or a primary color on the Cyan-Yellow-Magenta color wheel.  (See this one from Surrency Studios)
Grey is a mix of secondary colors, and can be created a multitude of different ways and goes well with just about anything (as long as it has the right tint).
Purple Turquoise  :  When I look at the block, I “remember” the turquoise. main-qimg-c6c88e61bb8be95c1dee8a46a82cc583-c

Purple and turquoise are equidistant from each other on the color wheel.  They produce high contrast while maintaining harmony.  If I was to add a third color (besides white), then I might select yellow-orange. (It does look nice on the yellow background…)



However, in both cases, my eye caught the less intense tones that were closest to primary colors.  Do you see them the same as me, or is it all in the eye of the beholder?  I’m sure a color expert could explain that to me.

I think if I ever have the chance, I should take some art classes.  I would either drive the art teacher crazy with them hoping I will pass through quickly, or I would find someone else with my love for the science of color.

Happy Quilting!

IMG_9539 (1).jpg


3 thoughts on “Contrary Wife

  1. MSQC had a pair of those goofy red lens glasses on a Daily Deal a while back. I use those all the time now. First I lay out the blocks how I like them with just my eyes, then with the glasses I “balance” the quilt tones. Every once in awhile I’ll have like-colors too close together after I remove the glasses, so I swap them around a bit for a final tweak. Beautiful blocks! Nice points. 🙂

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  2. Mary says:

    I love that you used B&W to demonstrate tone. The speciality of either block would come out when combined with its clones, say a total of 9 blocks. Patterns within patterns are what drew me to quilting. As you enjoy color theory, I have the most fun with the geometry of design. Of course I have my favorite colors, but turning and combining blocks to make new patterns appear makes me happy no matter what the colors.
    BTW, that’s one serious iron you have.


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