Night Stars – August – Spinning Stars

“How did it get so late so soon?”  Dr. Seuss

I finished my Craftsy summer blocks for August.  They are all spinning star variations.  The construction is straight forward, with the triple triangle units as the focus point.  Honestly, I didn’t make it through the whole tutorial this time. Kimberly Einmo did point out in her video that the important thing is to keep the bias edges on the inside seams so that they are not exposed on the outside edges of the block, preventing easy distortion.  Good tip!

I used traditional ruler cutting and piecing.  The only block I was not happy with was my center “on-point” square surrounded by triangles.  Either my cutting was off, or I mishandled the edges, stretching the fabric.  It did not make the perfect square it should have.  You can’t tell after it was all put together, but I knew!

I feel good to have finished them just slightly late!
I plan to make up for lost time this holiday weekend.  I will be sure to cut all of my September blocks which are Ohio Star variations.



Night Stars – July – Sawtooth Stars

I signed up for the Free Craftsy 2015 Summer Block of the Month.  The pattern is Night Stars, by Kimberly Einmo, and has a large star in the middle surrounded by a variety of different traditional stars.  July’s class focused on sawtooth star variations.   I had lots of practice with these on my last QOV quilt!

They look nice, but I was frustrated since all of my blocks came out about 1/8″ too small.  This isn’t usually an issue for me using a scant 1/4″ foot.  My theory is that the batik fabric (new for me), plus the thread thickness I was using was the culprit.

This table I found online supports my theory.
*  Remember, higher numbers represent finer threads.
** Some of these threads are 2 ply, some 3

Equivalent Thread sizes… 
Aurifil 50/2 – 25
Aurifil 40/2 – 20
Gutermann 50/3 – 17
Connecting Threads 50/3 – 17
Coats & Clark/Star 50/3 – 17
Mettler 50/3 – 17
King Tut 40/3 – 13 “

I have ordered some 40 wt. and 50 wt. Aurifil thread to see if it makes a difference.  All of my July blocks were stitched using 100% cotton, Gutermann 50 weight.  If the chart below is correct, the Aurifil thread may be a little finer.  A fellow class member used the Aurifil 50 wt, and her blocks were slightly large, so my first test will be with Aurifil 40 weight thread.

After I see the results in practice for August, I might have to put some of these under a microscope and rap get some photographs (just for fun).  Stay tuned!