Stitching Up A New Year – A New Endeavor

I have a quilting friend who is fighting a battle with cancer.  I think about what I take for granted as I read posts about her battle of overcoming fears, let alone the cancer.

When I ventured into longarm quilting, the big question was, will you quilt for others?  I piped up, even after my first few quilts and said, that I wasn’t sure…  I’m still practicing!   Her comment to me was, “Elizabeth”, you will always be practicing!”.  I think she wanted me to step out there and BE good enough.  I know I never feel good enough at anything!  I never stop learning.

If no one has noticed,  I love my longarm!   It has allowed me to finish projects that I never dreamed would be possible before.  I have had a lot of fun learning and perfecting techniques of quilt design layout.  I still have lots to practice and learn, but am very confident of my abilities with my computerized longarm machine.  It is a relaxing, rewarding hobby.

With that, I am able to quilt more than I am able to piece, and decided I will go ahead and offer to quilt for others, if you are interested.   I’m putting myself out there.
(Why have an empty quilting machine!)

Take a look at my available designs and my offering and let me know what you think.   While I can’t offer my services for free (except you mom!), I can promise quick turn-around time as I do not have a long queue of “work” to do.

May I quilt beautifully for you?

Happy Quilting – Elizabeth Brown




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