I cut, I sewed, I mined…

I am working on two Minecraft quilts.  The first was started by my daughter, but by about the fourth row of sewing squares together, was bored…  I finished “Creeper” before the holidays.  Since I have been a little tired, I decided to mine through a few more characters.  (Keep in mind, I am making two of each of these.)

The finished block size is 24 x 24 and is constructed with 3.5 inch squares.  My son has requested a custom Enderdragon for the center of his.  Keep posted, and I will share my final pattern for the dragon.









The rest of the blocks are “inspired” from other quilts I have seen online.   Quilt #1 will be for my son.  The second quilt, if my daughter doesn’t steal it, will be for a school auction, though it might not be finished until next year! The kids all seem to love Minecraft.  To me, it looks like digital legos!

3 thoughts on “I cut, I sewed, I mined…

    • Hi Lisa. I did make a pattern. The dragon was created with a series of 4, 24″ blocks. It could be scaled down by decreasing the size of the squares. I used 3 /12 and 2 1/2″ squares in mine.


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