Block 6 – Curvy Geese – A Breeze!

I tackled the next block in the Curve it Up series.  It is called Curvy Geese.  Assembly was a breeze and used curved flying geese blocks similar to the Block 2 Sawtooth Star.  I like how the center is a large pinwheel.

Curvy Geese

I used some unscented Best Press instead of the Terial Magic today.

bp60034I sprayed it directly on the blocks, and my ironing board when I pressed the seams out.  It worked well and though not as crisp as the Terial, helped maintain shape when squaring the blocks.

Unfortunately, it left residue on my iron, so will I need to clean it off before switching projects.  The residue did not leave any discoloration on the fabrics.  Has anyone else run into this with Best Press?

  • Do press your seams out to reduce bulk.  I even pressed the seams out between rows, otherwise my intersections were too bulky.
  • Use a stylus to help with the end of your curves.
  • While fabrics is pulled through by the feed dogs, hold your top layer of fabric up slightly to encourage less puckering of the curved seam.
  • Don’t try to sew fast!  Slow and steady makes the most even seam.

Take a look at a real time video of one flying goose – slow & solo!

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