Charting My Happy Place

My children just returned from a 10 day camping trip while we sadly stayed at home… I think that my husband is in denial, but I knew after one day back to motherly bliss that it was time to decorate my “happy place” (even if only for a few minutes at a time).

Part of that space was a plain jane cork board.   I covered it with fabric and trimmed it with 1″ wide grosgrain ribbon, nothing a little glue couldn’t help with.  I also replaced my peg board thread rack (that had warped and sagged due to lack of framing) with a sleek, powder coated, aluminum alternative.  I love it!  I found it at SignaturesbyLGG.  They had great communication and timely delivery.

My creation today was only sewing related.  I created new custom reference charts for body measurements and quilt sizes to hang on my bulletin board.   If you give me any constructive feedback, I might be able to incorporate the changes.

Please feel free to download a copy for your own use!

Pattern Template


Quilt Chart

Quilt Chart

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