Almost Morse

My latest finish…

This was a quilt kit picked up on our 2014 summer road trip through Paducah, Kentucky… Of course I visited the renowned Hancock’s of Paducah.  The best way to convince my husband that I “needed” a quilt kit was to pick one of his own heart.  As an amateur radio operator, who could possible say no to a pattern called “Morse Code“?  The pattern by Marlous Carter is available for free, just click the link above.   I finished piecing this for my husband on Field Day weekend this summer (2015) when lots of Ham’s around the country are flexing the radio frequency bands.  Consider this my CQ.. CQ.   It doesn’t say much, E, A, ?, !… maybe I just left the rest unsaid.

The piecing is great for 2 1/2″ Jelly roll strips.  However, I would suggest yardage for the background fabric.  The sashing or narrow rows between color are only 1 1/2” wide strips (or a “honey bun”).  The fabric collection shown is Timeless Treasures, Tonga Punch Batiks.  I machine quilted it using a pattern called “Funky Fans”.

This was my first Batik quilt and I was worried about the fabric bleeding since I could not prewash them.  However, I threw in two Color Catchers with my quilt and washed it on a normal cycle.  No bleeding!  These things work great.  I will use them on all of my quilts with unwashed fabrics.

You have to admire the person who got away with naming special fabric cuts Honey Buns, Fat Quarters and Jelly Rolls… What’s next Muffin Tops and Spare Donuts?  Those would make terrible names for pre-cut length of fabric borders and printed panels! 

IMG_7060 (1)

IMG_7044IMG_7043 (1)

2 thoughts on “Almost Morse

  1. W. O. W.!! I really love the colors – and my husband just happened to be over my shoulder when I pulled up this post, he said “Hey, why don’t you make that?” Must be a ‘man’ thing!! LOL


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