Martha’s Valor

This is my latest finish… a queen size quilt dedicated to the sacrifices of our service men, women, and families.  I will award this quilt to a veteran in the Kansas City area.

This quilt was inspired by a photo of a quilt in Fons and Porter’s magazine called “In Honor Of”.  Though I changed the pattern, it is too similar for me to provide an altered pattern here.  I worked on this quilt over a period of about 4 months.

Basic construction consists of on-point half square triangles and sawtooth stars with a pinwheel variation.

IMG_6142 IMG_6143

The sawtooth star with the pinwheel in the center is sometimes referred to as the “Martha Washington Star”.

It was fun to read a little on Marth’s history, but there was not much information on how the quilt block received it’s name.  Rumor has it that she incorporated pinwheels into one of her quilts…  but then so did others! IMG_0492

The blue triangles are quilted with eagles.
The stripes are quilted with ribbons and stars.
The stars and background are quilted with various medallions and fillers.  (See below.)

These digitized quilting patterns were all provided for free by the designers.  Thanks!
These designs were especially helpful.


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