Phone Charging Pouch – Inspired Use of Curtain Grommets

I was searching for small gift and favor ideas for my families Christmas “Bingo” and for Sewing and Quilting retreats.  I loved this idea that I found on Pinterest and the Positively Splendid Blog by Amy.

DIY Fabric Phone Charging Station

The idea of using curtain grommets for the hanging mechanism is inspired.  Why?

Many patterns I have seen do not have this.  By using the thicker plastic grommet, you take out the chance that the hanging mechanism can slip between the wall cube and the outlet.  The grommets are super easy to install and fairly inexpensive.  I made a few, but changed the design slightly to have a square top as they came out cleaner for me.  (I need to work on sewing circles…)

Take a look at her pattern I think it works great and my kids have already claimed the first two! IMG_0375

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