Boldly Sewn.

Whew, finished!   Do you know that feeling?

This quilt was based on the zipper quilt that I saw in one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Block magazines.  You can watch Jenny Doan’s tutorial at the link below.

The Zipper Quilt – Quilting Made Easy

The main thing I changed was to start with 10″ squares (layer cakes) instead of charm packs.  I used one layer cake and some Star Trek yardage that my husband and I stashed away over the last few years.  The result is an extra long, king size, Star Trek zipper quilt.

A quilt of such Sci Fi magnitude screamed for a quilting design bolder than stipples, feathers, or simple geometrics.  I decided to digitize a point to point command Insignia.  With connected ends, every other one inverted, and nested the rows, the quilt has no top or bottom.

Admittedly I got carried away and had to remove one whole column before quilting so that I didn’t need to piece my backing and batting!

Sew Bold!


A Trek (in the wrong direction)

This fabric is what happens when you take a Trekkie fan to the fabric store! I started this quilt on our marriage anniversary and finished on Valentines Day.

I used the Simply-EZ double wedding ring template and filled the centers with large print instead of neutral background fabric.


It started as “The Ugly Quilt” and ended as a fun conversation item. My mother says it reminds her of a comic book.

I also used the new Warm and Plush batting in this. I loved how the thicker batting quilted and draped. It stretched with handling more than Warm and Natural, so it was harder to load and handle on my longarm.

I digitized a special ship for a polo recently and decided a custom label was in order! IMG_0157_2IMG_6114