Rags for Riches

As I was busily cutting old denim jeans to use for another June Tailor Charming Circles Tote, I looked at the stack of denim pocket pieces that sat without a plan.



Charming Circles Bag – Ruler for Retreat Demo Donated by June Tailor, Inc.


Sometimes I have the quilting attention span of a puppy.  The pockets screamed “squirrel”!    So I stopped cutting and started piecing scrap denim pockets and pieces (instead of finishing my cutting).  I sewed a denim back from scraps and used top stitch thread that I use to hem jeans leaving the edges open.  In this way, when washed, the edges would have the “frayed” look that I like for the Charming Circles pattern.

This is similar to the charging pockets that I posted using curtain grommets but is a lot faster to finish.


It’s too bad I didn’t have any of the jeans that are popular now with the fancy pocket decorations…

What do you think, is this a good use of pockets?