Stash ‘n Store

PROBLEM:  How do you keep you marking tools, mini scissors, and stylus close without rolling round on your sewing table?

The “it’s sew emma”, Stash ‘n Store tool does the trick.  I had seen the longer ones in my local quilting shop, but recently came across the mini version and decided that would fit the bill.  It is stable enough to hold most of my tools upright.  However,  if you have a tendency to knock things off (or have a cat that help you!),  some Velcro attachment on the bottom might do the trick.

“Mischief Managed”
I hope you enjoy this trick! I should be able to pull more tricks from my hat between now and November 3rd.
Be sure to comment on my blog about which ones you like best and share some of your own quilting and sewing magic tricks.  I will draw one name from the comments randomly November 9, 2019 and follow-up with the lucky winner to send one of these special tricks!
Please, share with your friends.



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