Let it slide

My husband came to me (several times) last year and told me that he thought the kids really needed a 3D printer… Mind you, they do not know how to use 3D modeling software yet. 😉

Well, he did finally purchased a printer and some filament. We have small plastic fidget spinners, and utilitarian tools floating around the house now. (I admit, it is really fun to watch it print, and way more useful than my eggbot!)

When I was loading and marking new leaders for my Handi Quilter today, I decided that I should load a ruler tape to help keep quilts square. (I’ve seen lots of videos of people using them, i just haven’t ever tried one). I sketched up what kind of markers I needed to fit my flexible centering tape, and asked if he would help 3D print some.

Voila’! I love what we came up with. I guess his machine could prove to be useful after all!

If you are so inclined, and have a 3D printer, check out his design on You could print some too!

Sliding Longarm Tape Markers

Update:   If you don’t have a 3D printer, or just want some without the extra effort, I now have sets of three available for sale (Limited Quantities!).  Check out my new SHOP!

He is going to try to make the next batch thinner, but I’m going to test these out tomorrow. They seem to stay in place very nice. Long arm Quilters out there, what do you think? Do you see any drawbacks to these or ways to improve them?

Now, I need to dream up the next useful quilting tool for the printer. The one I have in mind might just accompany a new pattern!


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