Skew 2 – Pro Stitch Quick Fill

I promised that I would post a quick step-by-step tutorial for one of my friends using the Skew 2 feature in Pro-Stitch.  I learned this in one of the HQ Academy classes.   If you want to try it on your own, I used the files I linked in my last post, HQ Elevate – At Last.   They can be downloaded there.

Step 1:  Download the Chevron and Rounded Piano Keys files to either your computer with HQ Simulator, or your Pro-Stitch USB drive.

Step 2:  From File, open the Chevron file in Pro-Stitch.  This is a stitch file you can use as a template.   Pretend this shape is your quilt.  Normally, you would use your quilt to create your area.

Step 3:  Choose the Area function.  Create a closed complex area (Chevron in this case) by using Multi-Point area, tracing the chevron points.

Step 4:  Close the Chevron file.  You should still have a chevron area (In Pink Normally) on your screen. IMG_8602

Step 5:  From File, open the Rounded Piano Keys file.   The piano keys will open much larger than the chevron.  This is OK. IMG_8604

Step 6:  In the Skew/Align function, select SKEW2.  The design will stretch to fit the width and height of the Chevron area.   This doesn’t look very impressive.   Wait for it…


Step 7:  Now, from the Repeat Main menu, increase your horizontal repeats until you like the density of the fill lines.  In this example, the design is repeated 8 times. IMG_8607

Step 8:  If you want a different look, you can try increasing the vertical repeats too.


If you are still with me, then I know you are one of those “over achievers”, or like the idea of Skew2 as much as I do!

Extra Credit:  Now, from History, go back to where you originally opened the piano key file.  Rotate the design 90 degrees and try skew and repeats again.


I personally can’t wait to try this technique out on some different shapes on my quilts!  It seems very versatile.  Something like this would have been so much faster than the manual ruler fills I used on my last wall hanging!



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