Fat Quarter Friendly – Wheelchair Bag Pattern

I made my first pattern!  Another one off the bucket list.

The pattern below is available as a .pdf download for personal use.  I thought it would be nice to make it available for others that want to create a bag for their friends, family, or charity.

I made some for my favorite baseball fan (even if she does root for the Cardinals…).

This bag is Fat Quarter Friendly.
Let me know how you like the format, and if you have any suggestions.
(Click the image below to open and download!)


5 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Friendly – Wheelchair Bag Pattern

  1. Rhea R Manning says:

    I found the instructions for construction to be very vague and I was just winging it most of the time. However, the design and measurements were exactly what my customer wanted.


    • Hi Rhea, thanks for the feedback. I put this “pattern” together years ago when I was making these for a family member. Let me know where the instructions could be clearer and I could try to improve them.


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