Massdrop – One of my new favorite “Deals” Shops

I have to share one of my new favorite “shops” to check out regularly.  I was pointed to Massdrop by a quilting forum friend.  I have been amazed at the offerings.  I think this is because the users are the ones that give Massdrop ideas and votes on what to pursue for purchase.  Since mass drop is able to buy in bulk, and then ship, the prices are great and generally beat others out there.  As more people buy, the price goes down.  They even let you wait to commit until the lowest price has been reached.

So far I have picked up batting, pins, rulers and patterns, and iron and wonder clips.  These have all been great!  Not only do the prices beat others, the shipping is also free.

The newest offering is the Tutto Machine on Wheels case.  I have one of these for my traveling machine and love it since it has extra pockets to store tools as well and nice straps to hold the machine in place.

If you are so inclined, check out my link in my “Virtual Shop Hop” link on my main page or

Click Here To Go To Massdrop!

I chose to post my link here instead of emailing it to friends.  (Who likes to get uninvited email anyhow…)

P.S.  Going to Massdrop through that link will give me credit for inviting others if you buy anything.  No secrets here. 

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