Cute N’ Cuddly – Crochet Lace on Flannel

I needed something to do with my hands on my trip last week to Bountiful, Utah.  After a day of class at Handi Quilter, we visited a quilt shop that I think was called Brooks Fabrics.  They stayed open just for us! I especially liked their huge selection of flannels!

IMG_6283I picked up a kit that was assembled by a local.  They hemstitched back to back flannels in various prints.  Mine was a light turquoise with a “Hey Diddle Diddle” theme. The pattern sample available showed about 7 different crochet edges that could be used to finished the hemstitched flannel.

I found a website where the patterns and kits are found.

If you have never crocheted an edge that has been hemstitched, try it!  You’ll like it.  Without the hemstitching you would need to poke your own hole in the fabric, or cut holes using a specialty cutter.  The hemstitching leaves nice even, reinforced holes.


I used a US #7 crochet needle with some variegated nylon thread to complete the #14 design from the pattern, “Doubles, Chain, Doubles”.  One of these days I will complete the receiving blanket to complete the set.  It will make a pretty shower gift for some future baby!


2 thoughts on “Cute N’ Cuddly – Crochet Lace on Flannel

  1. Thank you for sharing my website for the Cute N Cuddly crochet edging booklets! (Cuddle Tyme Hemstitching) I would like to follow your blog and have entered my email address.
    If you have any questions in regards to hemstitching please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you again!

    Cuddle Tyme Hemstitching


  2. Thanks Laurie.
    I really loved the kit with the blanket and the burp “rag”. They turned out beautiful and were a very rewarding handwork project. I gifted them to a baby that my sister tried to adopt. They were a favorite! I highly reccomend them and your booklet. Best Wishes


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