Boldly Sewn.

Whew, finished!   Do you know that feeling?

This quilt was based on the zipper quilt that I saw in one of the Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Block magazines.  You can watch Jenny Doan’s tutorial at the link below.

The Zipper Quilt – Quilting Made Easy

The main thing I changed was to start with 10″ squares (layer cakes) instead of charm packs.  I used one layer cake and some Star Trek yardage that my husband and I stashed away over the last few years.  The result is an extra long, king size, Star Trek zipper quilt.

A quilt of such Sci Fi magnitude screamed for a quilting design bolder than stipples, feathers, or simple geometrics.  I decided to digitize a point to point command Insignia.  With connected ends, every other one inverted, and nested the rows, the quilt has no top or bottom.

Admittedly I got carried away and had to remove one whole column before quilting so that I didn’t need to piece my backing and batting!

Sew Bold!

5 thoughts on “Boldly Sewn.

  1. As a Treknerd myself, I LOVE THIS!! You digitized the pattern and everything! Can I beg you to email it to me? beckyleethompson at outlook dot com? This is just too stinkin’ awesome. And it’s great that you used larger pieces to be able to see all the print on the fabric. Love the wall hanging schematics, bed toys, pillows, and all. What a lucky boy! Confession: In 1991, I sewed up myself a blue & black body suit a la Dr. Beverly Crusher, did a red hair dye and donned my Comm badge for Halloween. It was such a hit I wore it to the ST convention in San Antonio the next year. That was before Cosplay was cool. Even today when I leave the office I say to my co-worker, “Juan, you have the Con” and he’s all “whut?”. And when I’m asked for a date I expect a big project to be completed, my boss knows I “Scotty” the date (build in some extra so when it’s early I look like a hero!”) LOL Is that a stuffed Enterprise? Where did you find it?

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    • Becky, we have GOT to meet sometime! I follow your blog too. :-). Yes, I will share the pattern. What quilting format do you use? And if you want to plan to meet for a Sew weekend sometime, I love to travel for fun!


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